And so it begins….

Why did I choose May 27th to start sharing my story? It was kind of a self-centered reason to hold myself accountable. Ya see, I’m on a relentless search to heal my body as best as it can be. Today, is day one on Whole30. There is no cure for what ails me but I do think that what I put in my body can dadgum sure help or hinder my current situation. That being said, I’ve abused my already screwed up body with what I have been eating.

I have had vertigo for almost four straight weeks off and on daily. It is unpredictable. It is violent. It leaves me exhausted.

I resigned my full time teaching position last week and did so with a very broken heart. My goal is to focus on food, exercise and rest.

In the posts that follow there is no telling what ramblings you will encounter. A backstory, the already written chapters to this wonky girls story and the chapters that are being written.

Today, I made a commitment to myself to stay the course on WHOLE30. I will share the ups and downs of that journey. My hearts desire is that something I eliminate will be a trigger of the vertigo.

So, here is to new beginnings. I have a hopeful yet desperate heart, longing for relief. I have a ton of support. I have a kitchen full of food just waiting to be transformed into healing medication.  And, I have a blog.





  1. I love you my sweet friend. I am super proud of you for making this journey. I know changing your lifestyle will not be easy as I have been doing it for about 4 weeks. Great idea to have started a Blog. I tell you every time I go to bed at night these last few weeks I wonder why does anyone really like doing all this meal planning and cooking. Can’t wait to see what the day is bring for you. If you need any support you know you can call

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