Circumcision 101



Remember I told you in the beginning that I promised my kids that I would do my best not to embarrass them with this blog. I think that they were referring to my personality. I don’t think that they realized all of the “bloggable” events of their childhood that were already replaying like a featured special on TCM in my mind.

I’ve walked you through water breaking and an eventful birthing process. How about following up with an amusing recollection and some advice for new momma’s to boot.

Well, it’s amusing to me now anyhow.

Ashamedly,  I admit to you that I don’t remember if the event I am about to describe occurred at the hospital before we went home or later at Corey’s two week check up.  I don’t think I had ever given circumcision a second thought.  Why would I have?

So at some point in those first few days of life, my first born got snipped. Someone near and dear to my heart was fifteen when said snipping occurred. I won’t bore you with those details just know that he wished it would have been done at birth. Good advice for any young mother contemplating when.

After the procedure, for lack of more creative words, I’m guessing a nurse explained to  me all of the after care instructions. I was a new mom. I was nursing. I was sleep deprived. I am sure that I listened best I could.

The first few diaper changes were textbook “how to care for a circumcision.” I had the Vaseline. I’m sure it was the same jar that Stuart smeared on the toilet seat. Aw, my little prankster. I also had a stack of 4×4’s readily available at various “changing stations” throughout the house. Here I am thinking that I am going to get mom of the year award for circumcision care and I probably would have except for one little blunder. One.

I was up every two hours nursing. I was in a daze. I just wanted to sleep but the show must go on so they say.

One late night changing led to much screaming the next time I changed his diaper.

In my, what can only be compared to a drunken stupor without having consumed any alcohol, I forgot to apply the Vaseline to the snipped area!  Oh, but I had remembered to apply the 4×4! Look at me getting it half right. There is no way to describe the crying that commenced. It was just like removing a Band Aide except that it wasn’t! The gauze part of the Band Aide isn’t usually stuck to the wound that it is protecting!

I had a decision to make? To rip or not to rip. At first, I tried to gingerly pry the gauze off that little booger. In the end, the rip it method won.

Yep, my first of so many screw ups as a mom. Heck, this was just a few days into his life. I look back and wonder how he survived my inexperience. But he did survive that and so much more.

Parents old and new, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’re going to mess up, over and over again! Don’t be scared to ask for help. Don’t feel like you are a failure if you are overwhelmed and exhausted. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last. I don’t want to get into a whole Cat’s in the Cradle moment, but time does pass by quickly. Don’t spend the time you have with your kids beating yourself up over what you could have done better. And for goodness sake, don’t be too proud to tell them that you are wrong. And never ever see it as weak to apologize.



























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