When you have to tinkle and leave ’em bitin’


I thought I would take a trip “back to the future” this morning and leave yesteryear behind for a day.

I headed out early this morning, kayak loaded up in my truck. Life jacket, range cubes, extra tackle, check. Worms, check! I made the one minute drive to the park down the road, got out full of excitement for my upcoming adventure and realized that I forgot my dadgum rod.  Thank goodness the house was only one minute away.

Made the trip back to the house and decided to go old school today with the Zebco 33. Perfect for dropping a sinker and worm baited  hook to the bottom for catfish.

I threw handfuls of range cubes out. This process is probably painful to watch from a nearby boat or the shore. Ya see, I have tiny hands and T-Rex arms so this baiting of the hole takes me forever. I know, I know. Why don’t I just dump the bucket? Well, there is a method to my madness. I like to scatter them up and down the wake break. The day that I tried to dump them little by little wound up a disappointment, with all of my range cubes plummeting to the bottom of the lake with no scatter!

It took less time for the elusive little suckers to start hitting my worm than the scattering of the cubes.

Up first, was a tiny little whiskered wonder with the fight of a 20 pounder. As I was fishing, I watched and learned. Across the way  a man dropped a buoy and then a minnow. As I watched from the wake break he caught several crappie. Now, catfish are fun to catch but I would take crappie over the whiskered bottom feeders all day long.

He had an interesting technique that I plan on borrowing in the very near future. I don’t venture far by myself on the kayak but the news of a brush pile within reach made my heart happy!

Kayaking gives me a sense of independence. I am forbidden to take the boat out by myself. Something to do with the not knowing how to use the tiller, a dock and a dent. More on that adventure in another entry.

I can load the Ascend by myself. My Hobie not so much. That sucker takes two people and preferably one without T-Rex arms. With the Ascend, I can drag it to the water, get in and just fish. A lot of time is spent thinking while in that kayak. Fish don’t always bite and the bite can be slow. That’s when the thinking begins.

Fishing from my kayak is freeing. I am in control of my own destiny. Me against the elements.

unnamed (22)

I caught five today. Creeped on a fellow fisherman and gleaned some wisdom. It was a good day until I had to tinkle. I had to leave ’em bitin’. There is always tomorrow.

My take away from today is pretty simple. Two weeks ago, I couldn’t lift my head off a pillow due to the violent attacks of vertigo that were never ending. and associated with my Meniers.

Today, I am kayaking solo. When you are desperate, give it time. Just like Texas weather, our circumstances change often. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you won’t experience a long, hot dry Texas summer with no end in sight. When I’m in that season, I refuse to ask “why me” anymore. I will ask “why not me” and learn from it.


    • I go out by myself several times a week. I used to go to the bay a couple of hours away and wade fish just as the sun was coming up. Since my vertigo is so unpredictable, I don’t drive that far by myself any more.


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