Fishing Is Our “Thing”

It’s 3:30  Thursday morning and just woke up after dreaming about the fishing adventure Corey and I had about nine hours ago.

Yesterday, while fishing from my kayak I noticed a man catching crappie in a peculiar spot. I was bound and determined to get back to that spot as fast as I could. I watched him from the corner of my eye and noticed that he was jigging straight down with a minnow. This technique proved to be effective but I knew ours would be more prolific. He caught four or five crappie before leaving that spot that I coveted. I would have paddled on over if I had not had to tinkle.

I took a quick picture so I would be able to locate that sweet spot next time I ventured out. Lesson learned, angle is everything. Pictures are worth a thousand words or in this case, a thousand words of frustration.

Stuart was working overtime last night and would not be home until Friday morning. I knew my only shot of getting on the water for recognizance was Corey. I called him at work and told him about my find. We decided that we would head out after he got home.

I am dubbed “the princess” by Corey when it comes to fishing in the boat. I’m not going to pretend that I can do all of the things that a man can do. I will say, that failure isn’t from a lack of trying. Corey gave me a “backing the boat down the ramp class” one day and I did fairly well. Textbook delivery Corey said. It was what occurred later that same day that contributed to the fact that I’m forbidden to take the boat out by myself. I completely agree with this decision. Maybe I’ll tell ya about it one day. Pretty sure I scarred both of my kids for life.

I  have no sense of balance. Helping tie the boat off is out of the question. Operating the boat by controlling the tiller is an absolute no way. I swear when my hands touch that cylindrical stick of terror my heart starts pounding and palms start sweating. Again, a story for another day. Me, maneuvering the boat via trolling motor would be on hit on YouTube for sure.

Ok, after listing all of the contributing factors I get it. I am a princess when in the boat. Not because I want to be but because I truly know my limitations regardless of my hearts desires.

We found the spot that I had creeped on earlier that day. It didn’t happen lickety split, that is for sure.

By the time we figured out where the brush pile was it was evident that my recollection of the boat location was an entire buoy off. I thought I knew where we were headed. My picture would get us there, or would it? Angle is everything.

After fighting the wind, fiddling with the depth finder and much “banter” between mother and son, the sweet spot was pinpointed. He could not understand why I couldn’t just show him “where the boat was sitting.”

Corey would catch the first crappie. It was a  big ole black crappie with an impressive girth.

We caught several substantial crappie and did so until the sun was peeking out just over the tops of the trees across the lake.

Admittedly, locating that brush pile and catching those crappie were highlights of my evening but the real treasure was time spent with #1. Corey and I fight like cats and dogs often. I think it’s because we are so much a like.

Some of my best memories with that kid are on the water. Fishing teaches life skills. Frustration is often found within the confines of the boat.  Patience is developed. Taking turns at the front of the boat is sometimes required. Give and take, sharing if you will. Playing guide to the “princess” is a necessity. Selflessness. Friendly, sometimes not so friendly competition.  Learning how to loose. And oh, those “while we wait” conversations. Communication skills. Friends, those memories are priceless. I could go on and on about the life lessons that I’ve learned from fishing.  I hope that some of those gems have been gleaned by “my people” and they will one day pass them down to “their people.”

Time on the water, fishing is our “thing.” It may not be for you. Find “your peoples” “thing” and chase it with a fervent passion.  You won’t ever regret time spent with you family doing something that you love. Not doing it, there in lies the regret.

IMG_0714 (1)
We started him out early.


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