Freelance Fantasies

Well, I am scared to death but I am pulling up my big girl panties! I’ve updated my Linkin profile! Connected to Tumbler and even started tweeting. I never in a million years thought that I would be headed down this road but it here it goes!

I’m not sure what niche I fit into. I’ve been reading a plethora of helpful hints on blogs, Pinterest and the likes. Each one adding different advice. I need to determine my niche first and foremost. I guess I’ve got one thing going for me. I know what niche molds I don’t fit into.

If you know a publication looking for entertaining anecdotes,  hilarious fishing adventures or just a good old fashion gut laugh, I’m your girl! img_0702I’ve also got stories of heartbreak, mistakes made and lessons learned. If that isn’t enough how about struggles with chronic illness and that encompasses. Send them my way, they won’t be disappointed and I would be much obliged!


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