Which Way To Go

I have tried to keep you interested while simultaneously self medicating with every tap of the computer key. With every photo album perused. With every memory I reveal.  I  am finding this “blog remedy” very therapeutic. I’m am hopeful that you are still interested.

It’s hard to know where to go from here. I feel like I am leaving so much out but I still have so many stories to tell. I guess I have struck a balance. Frankly, some things just shouldn’t be put in writing.

I’m not going to shy away from harsh truths or mistakes I’ve made. It seems like the messy stuff is what draws a crowd.

I have a list of topics written down. I have a ton more in my head. I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas only to find myself jotting them down so I don’t forget them. I make sure to take my notebook with me where ever wander. I am looking at things a little different these days. Memories are jogged by a song, a scent or a scene. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to ramble.

Of course, there are the day to day goings-on that lend themselves to a rowdy ramble. If you are a new reader, check out They All Look The Same. It’s sure to make you giggle!

I started this journey on May 27th. I had no idea how it would play out. Heck, I still don’t. I am encouraged by the number of readers and support I’ve received in less than a month. I’ve had over 4,600 page views. 1,634 visitors and of those I’ve had visitors from eighteen different countries. I am in shock!

The blogging community is so supportive of newbies and one another in general. Many people, friends and strangers have shared their stories with me. Through those stories, I have found kindred spirits and solace, sometimes even a better way to look at things.

I have gained some amazing blog buddies over the past few weeks. Amy is a kindred spirit over at A New Life. I get a daily dose of the Spirit when reading I Once Was Lost. And I just found my first fishing blog! Oh the joy that fills my heart! Give Fishinjunk  a watch! Ana at Mom Life With Chiari, is such an inspiration and supporter! So blessed to have made her acquaintance.

26169111_543339446000925_4878782491033180563_n (1)As I type, #1 and I are reminiscing about his childhood and potential blog entries. Most made the cut, some will not. Over the years, my mustached man child, #1 and my brown eyed girl have provided much fodder for my ramblings.

Not all stories will lend themselves to a lesson learned on my behalf but many will. The point of some stories will be strictly entertainment. I am nothing if not entertaining.  Other stories might make you cry. If you are part of the story, you will be taken back in time if only for 800 words or so. You might even find yourself identifying with some of the subject matter and realize that you aren’t alone. Anyway you look at, if you are sticking with me on this rambling road, you are not just a reader but you will become part of my family. Enjoy!

I’m just gonna  keep on ramblin’.


  1. Thanks for the mention! One of my favorites was dirty fingernails. I want to know what happened…or maybe I don’t. I also want to know where the funky little shack went? I know what you mean about looking at things differently now after starting to write. It’s like a door has been opened that can’t be shut! I’ll send my little one to Texas soon and she can go fishing with you until she gets mad and throws her pole in the water.

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