Who Inspires You?

unnamed (25)

Looking back over your life, who would you give inspirational accolades to? Tiptoe through the delicate memories of your childhood. Peep into the window of those turbulent teenage years. Promenade through the years since then stopping along the way to unearth the qualities that you admire in others.

Granted, we all immolated our favorite singers, actors or sports figures, thus the logic behind my entire wardrobe in 7th grade. Gotta love Madonna. I challenge you to look past the Madonna’s of your life and look towards the real people. The day to day folks that motivate you. 80s-fashion-madonna

Once you locate those people of yesteryear and today, pinpoint what it is they dole out daily to earn their inspirational status. Is it their grit? For without grit there is no pearl. il_340x270.1029818757_jz8cResilience? Do they seem to bounce back no matter what hell they face? Maybe it is the way they treat others. Whatever it is, make record of it. Make record of it and let them know how much of an impact they had or are still having in your life.

I pride myself on handwriting thank you notes. The importance of a handwritten sentiment is all to often lost in a world of ttyl, lol and thx. fdea4-101_0275 (1) This past school year, I vowed I would attempt to pass the dying art of letter writing on to an ever willing crowd of kiddos. We wrote letters all year long to soldiers oversees and mentors. Letters to those we admired and appreciated. Letters to folks who inspired us.

Every Sunday I will be writing a letter of sorts to those people whom I’ve drawn strength from throughout my life. So many of you reading have inspired and pushed me and you don’t even realize it. It’s important to me that you know. Important that you know you are valued and have made an impact on my life. Those of you I don’t know, I’d like to introduce you to some pretty amazing people.

W Clement Stone said, “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.” Cherish and acknowledge the people that make a big difference.


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