Celery Juice Journey

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile. Hope this blog post finds you happy and healthy.

A few weeks ago I ran into a young man that attended the school where I taught for years. He is now 23. I will refer to him as “B” from here on out. I was so excited to see him. “B” suffers from a severe intellectual disability.   “B” also suffered , suffered being the operative word, from multiple seizures on a daily basis. I got to chatting with his mom, she was just as sweet as ever. She was so excited to tell me that “B” doesn’t have seizures AT ALL, ANYMORE!

She began telling me how she came across The Medical Medium and his theory of celery juice. She swears that this regiment of 16 ounces of organic celery juice first thing in the morning rid “B” of his seizures. I shared her enthusiasm, chatted a bit more and went about my shopping. Honestly, I walked off intrigued and skeptical. She mentioned to me the countless numbers of people with vertigo that swear the celery juice.


Fast forward a few weeks. I’ve been stalking The Medical Mediums Facebook, Instagram and website. I’ve read testimony after testimony of juicers. Now, here I am, anxiously awaiting three of his books.

For the next month, I am going to share this journey with you guys. I know so many people with chronic illness, psoriasis, a few with multiple sclerosis and many with various other ailments that make their lives a living hell at times. Most of you know my medical history. The short of it is, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and Chiari Malformation in 2004. Fifteen years, three brain surgeries, the loss of my teaching career, ability to drive, and dealing with unpredictable vertigo attacks, here I am, willing to try anything.

Anywho, check in daily to travel this journey with me. I will give you a very objective report. The feasibility, palatability and reality of it all.   Start this journey with me if you like or wait and see how it works for me.

Another thing  I have added to my daily routine that is life-changing is yoga. I’m not gonna lie, I was a reluctant yogi at first. Now, I can’t stop talking about it and attempting to prostalitize everyone I know! I’ll be writing about that journey as well. If I can do it, anyone can!. I may even include some before and after pictures. MIGHT!

Keep it wonky!





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