Celery Juice – Day 1

Day 1 –

Preparation: It took less than 5 minutes to prepare 16 ounces of celery juice. It took one whole celery heart to get 16 ounces of juice. I bought organic celery. One celery heart cost $1.78. Worth mentioning is that I didn’t strain the juice, there was no need to.

Taste: I drank it on an empty stomach as directed. It tastes just as I imagined it would, like liquid celery. It’s not a juice that I’m going to crave but it is doable nonetheless. Honestly, it doesn’t have much of a taste to speak of. I’m glad. I was worried about the taste hindering me or making the next month miserable. There is a little bit of a bitter aftertaste.

Take-Away Day 1: 

Pros: Super easy to prepare. Taste is ok.

Cons: 16 ounces is a lot to drink. Requires a lot of celery. Keeping enough celery in the fridge will be challenging since I don’t drive.

Today was the perfect day to start this journey. I haven’t had many “bad days” as of late but yesterday and this morning, lets just say that streak of good luck has ended.

Walking like a drunk most of yesterday made grocery shopping a blast. Walking through the store with Stuart behind me singing, “to the left, to the left” kept the mood light.

This morning, my spine feels like it is on fire and the back of my head feels like it could explode, courtesy of Chiari. In my left is a roar that is akin to an air conditioner running, courtesy of Meniere’s. And I can thank both Chiari and Meniere’s for the hour or two of hugging the porcelain throne this morning and my ever so sexy drunken stagger.


I think it is important to note the issues that I hope to alleviate or at least see improvement in over the next month.

I will be keeping an eye on and reporting back to you on the following: (Listed in order of how big of a pain in the butt it is.)


2. Inflammation

3. Headaches

3. Tinnitus

4. Numbness & tingling in my right arm and leg

I’ll also be paying close attention to the claims of celery juice helping with bloating, appetite and weight loss.

I am not naive enough to believe that celery juice can cure what ails me. Chiari is a structural skull malformation. I am hoping, however that some of the symptoms associated with it will subside.

I recently listened to a podcast by Anthony Williams and I am intrigued by The Medical Mediums theory on the connection between chronic illnesses such as Menieres and the Epstein Barr Virus we all know as mono.  I don’t feel comfortable regurgitating the information until I read more about it. You can listen to the podcast here. Medical Medium Podcast It is the second one listed. While there, you might as well listen to the podcast on celery juice. I can’t wait for my books to get here.

Wishing you guys a great week. Talk to you tomorrow!

Keep it wonky,



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