Celery Juice – Day 3

Good morning! I’m just finishing up my day three juice.

Nope, still didn’t crave it when I woke up! On the other hand, I didn’t dread it either. Yep, still craved that Dr. Pepper as soon as my eyes opened this morning.

So, I will say I noticed a couple of things yesterday and this morning.

Most days, my hands feel swollen on the inside. Tight might be a better word for the sensation. They are pretty stiff and ache a little. My right hand tingles non-stop from nerve damage attained during brain surgery number two as well as residual damage from spinal cord compression.

Yesterday, my hands didn’t feel tight at all. The tingling was and is still there but even this morning, my hands don’t feel like they have, in a good way.

The question I have is, if my hands feel better, then why don’t my low back and neck where there is incredible inflammation? Maybe because there is more to tackle? Maybe because my “new” hand sensation is just a coincidence? I’m going to keep an eye on this and keep reporting to you. One day does not a believer make out of me.

The second thing  I noticed as soon as I woke up this morning  probably is directly related to the celery juice. I say this because I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of bloating in my lower abdomen. My stomach, although never going to  be flat no matter how much celery juice I drink or yoga poses I do, is different this morning. Much less bloated. I wish I had the “guts” to show you before and after pictures. Maybe at the end of the thirty days. Until then you will just have to take my word for it.


I only have one complaint thus far. Cleaning the juicer!


Books should be here today!

Keep It Wonky!

Until Tomorrow,


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