Yoga & Headaches

I plan on keeping these Yoga posts short and sweet.  When I find an asana that is beneficial and actually helps alleviate or reduce my pain, I feel a sort of obligation to share it with you guys.

Over the weekend I had one of the worst headaches that I can remember in a long time. Many of you know the kind. Sharp pain behind one eye, pain deep inside my ear, my teeth hurt and I was nauseous to the point of puking. Your headache and my headache probably don’t share the same origin, as my generally stems from spinal cord compression. Nonetheless, we share symptoms that debilitate and put life as we know it on hold.

Prior to the headache, I read several scientific studies as to why yoga works and the benefits of yoga. I came across several articles touting poses that helped headaches.

I chose to try two of these poses and was pleasantly surprised with the results. No, the headache wasn’t completely eliminated but much relief was experienced.

Disclaimer: I am by NO MEANS any kind of medical professional. I am not a yoga instructor. I’m just a regular girl trying to find what works. 

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. Until I have a more willing photographer, these pictures will have to suffice.

I started with Down Dog. img_8235I do think the “stance” is generally wider but I have found that the higher I get my hips, the more relief I feel in my spine. It is almost an automatic release of pressure. I held this pose for about a minute, maybe a little more. Be sure to keep plenty of space between your shoulders and your ears. Keep the neck loose.

An hour or so later, still feeling the pressure in my head, although not as bad, I tried the Wall Pose. I laid in this position for about 5 minutes. I have no idea WHY this helped but it did.



Important to note: I did not take any over the counter pain medication that day. The pain did not completely disappear but there was a remarkable difference, more so than if I had taken medication.


I hope that this little tidbit of information will bring someone relief today!

Keep it wonky,



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