Celery Juice – Day 5 (I think I’m toxic!)

I’m running out of ways to take pictures of celery so a picture with my ‘ole girl will have to suffice.

Man oh man! There is no doubt in my mind that something is happening inside of me! I don’t feel well today, AT ALL. Achy, tired and blah! It started yesterday. I didn’t connect the dots until this morning. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I’m certain it isn’t the juice that is making me feel bad BUT what the juice is doing that is making me feel bad. Does that make sense? I don’t want anyone to think that the juice is making me sick. It’s the gunk in my gut that is making feel bad. The juice is just flushing the gunk out. Not very scientific I know, but you get the point. This is truly a detoxifying juice. It reminds me of the feeling I had a few years ago when I went on the Candida diet for several months. Then, it lasted about three days. I’ll let you know how long this lasts but I am sure it varies from person to person. Some of us are more “toxic” than others.

Things I’ve noticed so far that are worth mentioning.

  1. Bloating is down considerably!! I mean A LOT!
  2. I feel lighter. Hard to explain but I do.
  3. Hands are not tight.
  4. My skin is “juicier.” Weird description but it’s true. It doesn’t feel as dry.

I’m going to go ahead and write a little about information gleaned from “The Medical Medium” by Anthony Williams. First of all, I do highly recommend the book. His background perplexes me and his diagnostic method is hard to understand. What I’ve decided is I don’t really care how he gets his information, if it works. There are hundreds of thousands of people that will attest to his insight and methods working. I have been reading testimony after testimony. You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram and read them as well.

I will try to keep it short but some background is required. I had mono somewhere between ages 20-23. I don’t remember. I do remember how sick I was. Several years after the mono I was admitted to the hospital because my spleen was enlarged and I was losing blood “somewhere.” The doctors had no explanation. I was sent home with an enlarged spleen. I think I have an explanation thanks to Anthony Williams. The Epstein Barr Virus that caused the mono had morphed into another stage manifesting itself deep inside my body. I’m almost 100% convinced that many of my “mystery symptoms” are directly related to the EBV. I remember asking my doctor after seeing EBV on a blood test a few years back how the virus could affect me today. He believed that it could not be causing any symptoms. He mentioned something about it laying dormant and that it was nothing to worry about. I don’t believe this at all, now.

There is way too much to try to explain why I think EBV is responsible for many things, mainly my vertigo, inner ear damage and tinnitus that has been classified as Meniere’s Disease. If you’re sick and don’t know why I really think that you need to read The Medical Medium. If you have a chronic illness or autoimmune disease, I feel that it is imperative that you read it. Come to it with an open mind. What do you have to lose?

On July 9th, I will begin the 28 day cleanse suggested in the book. The reason I am waiting is because I want to see what “improvements” I can attribute the celery juice alone. I’m a guinea pig for several of you and I want to keep my information concise. In other words,  I don’t want to wonder was it the celery juice or the cleanse.

“You are the greatest expert on your health, and your healing story counts. It counts for more than you know. Someone out there right now is waiting to hear your story so they discover this life-changing medicine.” Words from Anthony Williams in his book, Celery Juice – The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time – Healing Millions Worldwide. (I just started reading it last night.) I think he is truly on to something.

Until tomorrow!

Keepin’ it wonky,



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