Celery Juice – Day 6 (What’s that smell?)


I’ve completed five full days of 16 ounces of organic celery juice! Whohoo! I think it is important to note what type of medications I take. This is important because I hope to get off of all of them in the near future.

I take the following daily:

  1. A diuretic – prescribed to keep the fluid off of my inner ear (Meniere’s Disease)
  2. Omeprozole – prescribed for GERD and Barrets Esophagus
  3. An antidepressant – per my request about a year ago
  4. Roprinorol – “prescribed for “crazy” legs (Restless Leg Syndrome)

This morning I didn’t take the omemprozole. I am curious to see if the gastro effects that I am feeling from the cleanse have helped with the GERD at all, thus far. Five days in may be wishful thinking but I’m going to see. I hope that I’m not miserable all day. Water usually gives me heartburn and so far so good!

I am hoping that by cleansing with the celery juice and the 28 day cleanse starting in July, I will be able to get off of the “crazy leg” medication. If I am sitting still starting around 4:00 in the afternoon, my legs starts twitching BAD! This continues on into the night. I will say the Roprinorol has been a life saver. It is an example of a modern medication that works, in my opinion.

My intention is to start weaning myself of the antidepressant after the 28 day cleanse with the guidance of my GP of course.

5 days in noteworthy celery juice observations:

Bloating is all but gone UNLESS, I drink a Dr. Pepper and then I’m miserable! You would think I would stop drinking it! Yes, I am still drinking one Dr. Pepper a day. I am doing my best to stop but it ain’t easy. Consumption is much less than it used to be, however! Baby Steps.

Skin is exceptionally juicy! Very hydrated looking. Glowing.

I don’t feel like I was hit by an 18-wheeler today! Got up and mowed before the Texas sun set in!


I’m still a little achy but I think the gunk is flushing on out! Well, I know that it is! Which brings me to my next observation!

Sorry, but I have to get personal here! My PEE stinks! You know how urine (trying to be all proper here) smells weird after you eat asparagus? Well, this cleanse has the same affect. I am positive this is from the toxins being expelled.

Oh, by the way, insomnia is still ever present! I guess the one night I slept until 4:30 was a fluke!

Most of the differences I have felt are gastro related. Not really seeing any difference in inflammation yet. Again, only 5 full days in.

Have a great Friday!

Keepin’ it wonky,





  1. Julie,

    You’re doing great. Keep it up. Try buying the small cans of Dr. Pepper (if they make them like Coke does); that will help you get off of them to.

    Dorothy McFarlin

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