Celery Juice Cleanse – Day 7

Happy Saturday!

Six days under my belt. I haven’t had my juice yet this morning, but I am looking forward to it in just a bit. It makes me feel lighter and helps me not feel as hungry mid morning.

After I finished up some outside stuff yesterday, I made an 8 ounce glass of the juice. I was actually craving the stuff after being in the heat and sweating. Crazy, huh?

Gastro differences are still my big take away thus far. If you haven’t been following previous days posts, know that this juice reduces bloating in a big way. I experienced this right off the bat.

Two days ago, I started experiencing noticeable weakness in my right hand and arm. I’m hoping that this subsides on its’ on. I have no desire to head to the neuro. The sensation and weakness however is enough for me to be worried about a spinal fluid blockage or effects of the nerve damage surfacing in a more profound way. I hope and pray that this so called “miracle juice” can restore nerve damage and reduce inflammation. So far, I haven’t noticed it as being  anti inflammatory other than the tightness in my hands is reduced considerably.

Six days completed is a drop in the bucket.

If nothing else comes of this cleanse, I believe that I will have a happier gastrointestinal system and brighter skin. Also, it has started my quest of a natural healing path. I’m looking forward to the 28 day cleanse in July! I will be posting what I eat. Pros and cons and most importantly, health observations.

I know so many of you are desperate to find relief from health issues. Don’t hesitate to find something that you think might work and give it a go. What have you got to lose at this stage of the game?

“The human desire to heald is so strong that people will break down any barrier, trying any options outside of conventional and even alternative health belief systems in the search of what will really make them better.” Anthony Williams from his book, The Medical Medium.

If you aren’t following Anthony Williams, the MM on Facebook or Instagram, I highly recommend that you do. I enjoy reading the success stories posted on Instagram the most. Anthony also posts helpful information throughout the day.

Enjoy your Saturday! Get up, get outside and blow the stink off ya! Stuart and I are headed to Pearland to see my dad, affectionately known as Eggbert, for Fathers Day.

Tryin’ to reduce the wonky,



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