Celery Juice Cleanse – Day 10

Afternoon! I came to a realization this morning after being frustrated that I’m not seeing a reduction of inflammation in my neck and “inside” the back of my head. I do have inflammation elsewhere, but my ‘ole noggin is my main concern. That being said – I AM SABOTAGING MYSELF! 

Day 10 is really no different than all of the others. If you want to get rid of bloating and other digestive issues, it’s’ so worth giving the juice a try! If you are looking for a clearer, juicier complexion, grab some celery and get to juicing. That being said . . .

I whine about my Dr. Pepper addiction and out of the same side of my mouth, I boast that I only drink one a day. Yesterday my daughter sent me an image very similar to the one I’m sharing with you. Can you say PERSPECTIVE? 9071968aa869ee879f2de32da5167140

I making a promise to myself today that I WILL NOT drink another Dr. Pepper! I’ve done it before and I noticed a dramatic decrease in inflammation all over my body. This time I want to do it for good!

You see, I’ve been wanting the celery juice to do all of the work. No amount of yoga, clean eating (not clean drinking obviously) or celery juice is going to do what ridding my body of sugar will do for me. If I cut out the Dr. Pepper, maybe the celery juice can do its’ job a little better with regards to inflammation.

A few years back I went cold turkey, no processed sugar, in one fail swoop. My suggestion is – DON’T DO THAT!  It can be done, but it isn’t necessary. Take baby steps. Maybe join me by eliminating sodas. Who’s with me?


Keepin’ it wonky,




  1. You go, Julie. I quit soda (cherry Dr. P was my fav) 12/31/18. You can do it.

    If you need bubbles, try mineral or carbonated water. I miss that sometimes.

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    • I’m sure that you feel 100% better! I did it before and just decided one day that I wanted a sip! Well, that sip led to the old habit. I’m brewing all kinds of teas. 🌺 Hibiscus! Turmeric and Ginger! They will just have to be my new favorite! Bonus, they are caffeine free!!!!


  2. I lost 60 pounds since last August after I quit drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and stopped taking steroids. I quit them both to help with the psoriatic arthritis. It actually has helped tremendously with the acid reflux. I have been able to stop taking the omneprozale.

    On another note, sugar in the form that we eat it in (in our foods) does not feed cancer. There is a form of a sugar that feeds it but it is made naturally by our bodies no matter what you consume. This is often misrepresented and misleading and scares people diagnosed with cancer or makes them feel guilty for indulging in too many sweets when that isn’t the truth. All oncologists have bowls of candy set out at their reception desks for their patients and they would not do this if it would cause harm to their patients. They have it because many patients experience side effects from chemo like dry mouth or nausea and the candy provides some relief. As a former cancer patient, I had to clear that up…too many people falsely think that table sugar feeds cancer and that isn’t true at all.

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