Celery Juice Cleanse – Day 12

‘Do I have something in my teeth?” If you have no idea what I’m referring to, watch Jim Carrey do it better! Try not to laugh! Look, I can only take so many pictures of and with celery and I have 18 freaking more days to go! Gotta get creative!

Day 12 insights:

Eleven days under my belt and I am down 2 more pounds! That’s a total of 4 pounds! Heck yes!!! I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in 2 days! I REALLY, REALLY want one though! Maybe the weight loss is a combination of losing water weight from the juice and less sugar, who knows? All I know is for someone driven by the scale – this makes me smile!

I slept until 5:30 this morning. So, all in all in 11 days I’ve slept more hours straight through than prior to the celery juice. You decide!

I can promise you I have a untapped well of energy!

Bloating – GONE!

Skin – YUMMY!

I love reading about people’s experiences with the juice. “I have regular poops!” “My daughter’s acne is 50% better in three days of drinking the juice!” “…the bursitis in my knees and the ache in my back after getting up in the morning hasn’t been as bad!” “I have more energy!” “My face is clearing up.” “Drinking the juice makes me want to eat better!”

What do you have to lose? I’ll be your guinea pig but come on, give it a try! I can’t wait until the fruit and veggie cleanse!

Keepin’ it wonky,



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