I had a headache and then I tried this…

After not sleeping well last night, I’m talking asleep at 10:00 up by 11:52 and then awake every thirty to forty five minutes, I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a train. I guzzled down my celery juice and started my day. Quick trip to the farmers market and home, by noon, I was miserable with a splitting headache. I went to get an Excedrin and remembered the relief I experienced from a few basic  yoga poses  a few weeks ago. Looking for a new youtube video, I found  Yoga for Headaches by Adriene, of course! This yoga session is legit folks! Although, not completely gone, I am not at all as miserable as I was earlier in the day. There is nothing fancy in this video, don’t be intimidated. I opted out of the headstand posture for obvious reasons.

I can’t stress enough the health benefits I’ve experienced since starting yoga! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, I just want people to experience what I have and I am experiencing!

If asked what I’ve gained most from yoga in the past few months, I would tell them that I’m experiencing  a noticeable reduction in anxiousness. Arm, leg and ab muscles are toning up and fast. (I’m finding muscles I didn’t know I had!) I’m learning effective breathing techniques, such as the one in the video that gave me instant relief from my headache. My core is getting stronger and in turn my balance is improving. Lastly, I am gaining flexibility that I never knew I had. People, I couldn’t squat down like in the picture two months ago without falling over! AND I can hold this pose for a good amount of time. Eventually, I will get my “sit bones” further down. Baby steps! I’m just enjoying the journey! img_8444

If I could drive I would start on a yoga teacher certification. I love it that much! I suppose that I could get the certification online but I would still have to drive somewhere to teach it. Sadly, that won’t happen. So I will spread my love for it via blog posts!

Give it a shot! What have you got to lose?





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