Day 15 – Looking ahead!

This morning I had my 15th, 16 ounce glass of celery juice. I SLEPT ALL NIGHT last night! This is huge. Is that 5 nights of full sleep since I started this journey? I think so. I’ve slept more hours straight through in 14 days than I have in 14 weeks! CRAZY!


All of the other things I’ve noticed still remain. Bloating gone, juicier skin, appetite controlled, 4 pounds down and lots of energy!

Things that haven’t been addressed: tinnitus, vertigo and short dizzy spells, spine pain and inflammation. Those things being pointed out, I have to say, if all I get out of the cleanse is restful sleep, a flatter stomach, juicier skin, not as hungry and energy to spare, I’m good!

Yoga is addressing some of the spine pain. I experience instant relief at times. It is short lived but maybe over time the relief will last longer.

Looking ahead! 

I’m doing some planning for the 28 day raw fruit and veggies cleanse coming up. Information on the cleanse can be found in The Medical Medium by Anthony Williams.  My goal is to post a menu, recipes and a grocery list for each of the 4 weeks. Doing this will help me plan and maybe take the guesswork out for those of you who may decide to try it. I will still be drinking my celery juice every morning.

The Medical Medium’s instagram account is a wealth of knowledge. It includes numerous recipes. This morning is the most time I’ve spent really looking at the recipes. Most of them look really yummy! Some, not so much!

Anywho, have a marvelous Monday. Think about starting the cleanse with me in a few weeks. Whatcha got to lose?






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