Day 17 – Oh Happy Day!

I’ve got plenty of celery to last me several days!!! Pardon the no makeup, “undid” hair I don in the picture. It’s just me in my organic state, just like my celery!


Insomnia report: People, celery juice is legit when it comes to helping insomnia. I’ve been looking for research to back up my claim and ran across a few articles but nothing “scientific” as of yet. If you would like to get others perspective on celery juice, take a look at this article posted by Traditonal Chinese Medicine World Organization. Another pretty good article is Celery Juice for Constipation, Insomnia and Fatigue written by The Juice Lady. Everyone reading this blog post can probably identify with one of those ailments. Lack of juice yesterday morning led to a very restless night. I’m looking forward to tonight to see if there is a difference.

Energy: Today is so much better than yesterday! I was completely zapped of energy all day yesterday. Can’t wait to get on my yoga mat!

Bloating: I was on the verge of miserable yesterday. I drank water and “anti-bloating” tea all day. I still didn’t feel as good as I do today. So much lighter.

Looks like I need to learn to grow celery. Roughly $2.00 a day isn’t breaking the bank but…

Hope that you guys have a great Wednesday! Stuart is having a colonoscopy tomorrow so aside from the celery juice, I’m on the clear liquid diet with him. He’s on his own when it comes to the stuff he has to drink!



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