Day 18 – Celery Juice

Nothing much to report. I slept pretty good last night. I would have slept better if Stuart hadn’t been prepping for his colonoscopy. All of the other benefits are still apparent. Bloating gone. Energy level is increased. Weight is down. Good stuff!

I’ve been reading a lot of research findings and individuals ideas on diet and chronic illness. My aunt linked a video to my Facebook page that really peaked my interest. Dr. Wahl has MS. She was wheelchair bound and took her health and healing into her own hands. This TED talk is worth the watch, especially if you suffer from MS or another autoimmune disease. It’s only 17 minutes long. Give it a try. Minding Your Mitochondria

I’m seriously developing a passion to educate myself more regarding the healing power of food and herbs and possibly seek a holistic nutrition certification or something along those lines. I have to think, if celery juice can me feel as good as I do and help me sleep, the possibilities are endless. I want to live it for a good while before I ask people to trust me and I’ve got a lot of learning to do. Heck, I taught 8th graders for 14 years. Teaching  is what I was created for, I honestly believe that. I can take my health fiasco and turn into a journey that I can use to teach others.  To think it all started with a glass of celery juice.

Honesty Disclosure: I did fall of the wagon today and drink a few sips of a Dr Pepper. We were so hungry after Stuart’s procedure that his dad stopped at McDonalds for us. It’s just not as good when you’ve been eating healthy. I will say those sips of Dr Pepper were not satisfying like they were just a week ago.

Have a super rest of your week!


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