Day 19 – Celery Juice

YAY! I just had my 17th glass of organic celery juice. I’m a day ahead when I post and I missed one day of juice.

Decent night sleep. Better than before the juice for sure. AND, I’m down another pound! I don’t believe the celery juice  is the only affecting my weight. I don’t believe there are magical weight loss properties in the juice. What I mean is, yes I’m  not as hungry when I drink it. It is a detoxer for sure. But the clencher I think is starting my day with it. Drinking it makes me care a little more about what I put in my mouth. Not saying that  I’m eating a perfect diet but I definitely think about and feel guilty if I eat something processed or fall off the wagon and have a few sips of Dr Pepper. So, in my opinion, it’s the celery juice in a roundabout way.

Stuart and I have “rearranged” our diets since I started 17 days ago. More green veggies, chicken and fish only. Dr Pepper free, almost. ):

We’ve also incorporated a plant based protein shake into our day to day, as a snack or meal replacement. Delicious! I sometimes add greens, sometimes fruit. I’m shocked that we both like the taste. Well, he doesn’t like the green smoothies but I do!! With a few changes in our diet, in three months time, Stuart went from being a diabetic to prediabetic. It can be done. We are on top of it for sure. We’re bound and determined to be as healthy as we can as he approaches retirement. Life is too short. We have already c75e5906db4e4a83084cd9860517bf9dwasted a lot of years being unhealthy.


I’m also taking 2 tablespoons of collagen peptides. I did so because of the touted bone and muscle support claims. I added this about a week ago. I do think this helps me feel fuller as well.

Lastly, because of the “BIG M” I started taking a liquid version of Maca root three times a day. Ladies, I promise that it helps. My sweating during the day has drastically decreased. Night sweats as well. I attribute this to the Maca. Give it a go if you are sick of sweating and hot flashes.

I’m looking into the health benefits of tofu. I read several blogs last night regarding the benefits of it and how to cook it. I’m mainly looking because I read that the tofu can help with M symptoms.  I have no previous experience with it. I’ve NEVER tried it. After a little more research and finding a fail proof recipe, I’m probably going to give it try. Anyone out there eat tofu? If so, help a sister out! Tell me your secrets and share your recipes.

I’m still tapering off my antidepressant. It’s getting easier. I hope that I can stay off of it. The less medication in my system, the better.

My yoga practice is still going strong. LOVE IT!

Hopin’ that you have a good rest of your day and a relaxing weekend.



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