74 Days of Yoga

Deep within this blog post is a picture of me the day I started my yoga practice and a picture from earlier this week, my 74th day! I wasn’t bold enough to make those my feature images. Nor did I want to traumatize my kids.

I haven’t missed one day of yoga in 76 days, as of today, even if I was only able to stretch a bit.

This morning I realized I was truly integrating this “yoga” thing into every aspect of my life when I was blow drying my hair. I bent over to dry my hair and took a “forward fold.” It felt so nice. Every vertebrae in my spine thanked me immediately.

I catch myself breathing deep throughout my day. My Apple Watch doesn’t even have to remind me anymore. A deep breathe can reset just about anything that has gone array.

I’m constantly standing on the “four corners” of my feet, bringing awareness to my spine and foundation. I hear Adrienne’s catchphrases in my head constantly. The one that I remind myself of often these days is “that the neck is a beautiful extension of the spine.”


Today, I practiced Day 4 of Adriene’s Dedicate Series. I almost wish that I would have started 76 days ago with this series of 30 days.  She truly teaches you while at the same time allowing you to be in control of your practice. There is so much more to yoga that contorting your body into crazy shapes. Adriene is very good at reminding you what to ground, what to lift, what to relax, what to keep bright and so on.

I’d like to invite you to start this series with me. I should have invited you 4 days ago and I apologize that I didn’t. Start on day 5 or go back to the beginning. You will not regret the commitment. Do it for 30 days straight. Make sure that you take a before picture. The visible changes in your body are going to amaze you. I have a long way to go but at least I’m going! I share these two pictures with you in hopes of inspiring you to give yoga a chance. It is LIFE CHANGING folks!


Day 1 – Dedicate – YWA

Day 2 – Dedicate – YWA

Day 3 – Dedicate – YWA

Day 4 – Dedicate – YWA

Day 5 – Dedicate – YWA



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