Days 20 & 21 – Celery Juice

Well, here we are with less than ten days left of this journey. Looking back, I don’t think that posting everyday was a good thing. The findings have been somewhat redundant in nature and don’t provide fodder for the most interesting of blog posts and for that I apologize.

One big thing I haven’t touched on is the “regularity” effect this juice has on those that try it. If you struggle with IBS, Celiac or other gastro issues, it’s worth the effort, I assure you.

All other effects of the juice remain: appetite control, energy, sleep aid and juicy skin.

This celery juice journey has lead me on a research binge like none other. I will be writing about my findings. If you have an autoimmune disease or chronic illness the posts will be worth your time. I’m going to condense and simplify. I’ll share my meal plans with you, along with menus and grocery lists. Heck, I’ll even share recipes I use or concoct.

I chose to do this because I know so many people that have health issues. I’m not making any money off of this blog. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I have no sponsors. I’m coming at you with the purest of intentions, passion and no ulterior motives.

I’ve often wanted someone to simplify the aforementioned information. You know, make it used friendly. I chose to be that someone and I will pass it on to you. I’m sure that my path will change as I experiment with different ideas posed by those well versed in the matter. I intend on using a variety of sources and viewpoints from doctors, scientists and healers. You will get an honest, doable protocol. It might take me awhile but hey, I didn’t get this way overnight. I can’t expect to fix it all overnight.

To healthier days,



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