Core Yoga

Well, day 6 of Dedicate with Adriene was challenging. It is only 28 minutes long but the yoga poses and moves all focus on core. I have a very weak lower back and was able to get through it without pain. Adriene gives you tips. She doesn’t do crunches but teaches smoother, gentler exercises. Normally, a core workout leaves my neck hurting for days. If, after Yoga with Adriene my neck hurts it’s because I didn’t listen to her.


Anyhow, give it a go. Whatcha waiting for?  Day 6 – Dedicate – Core Yoga  She says some things about our “stomach region” that really hit home. Lots of self love in her videos. Who doesn’t need that?

If you haven’t checked out my before and after pictures after 74 days of yoga, check out this blog post. 74 Days of Yoga

Hope you’re headin’ to your mat, floor, carpet or wherever you can relax and do a little yoga.



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