Day 23 & 24 – Celery Juice – TMI… nah

Well folks, I’ve been without my glorious bowel cleansing, skin refreshing, energy giving, appetite controlling, more sleep giving juice for the past two days.

cinderellaMy current predicament has reminded me of one of my all time favorite 80’s rock ballads, You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone by Cinderella.

Let me just tell you, I can tell the difference and can’t wait to get more celery! My non-driving self and Stuart’s schedule has wreaked havoc on my innards. I guess the one, the only good thing that has come of my recent celery shortage is that I really and truly believe that it has some amazing effects on my body!

People, I am bloated and need to poop! TMI? Probably but I’m nothing if not honest. When the 30 days of celery juice blog posts cease, rest assured that my drinking habit will not.  I’m addicted!


Hopin’ you are havin’ a wonderful Wednesday.


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