30 Days of Celery Juice

Absolutely worth it!



Pros: appetite control, sleep aid, glowing skin, less bloating and lots of energy

Cons: challenge keeping enough celery on hand, cleaning the juicer (UGH!)

Daily Protocol: As soon as I get up I juice 16 ounces of celery juice. I use all but the very bottom of the bunch. I take that back, if a stalk is very yellow, I won’t use it because it tends to be bitter.

Cost: $2.00 per organic celery bunch

Juicer: Breville – My only complain about my juicer is that it leaks juice between the major component and the “pulp catcher.”

I started this cleanse 30 days ago with the intention of stopping at the 30 day mark. I have no intention of stopping. I was feeling better within just a few days of starting the protocol.

I’m excited with the amount of folks that jumped on the bandwagon with me and have shared their stories.

I started this journey after reading several books by Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium. I don’t agree with everything he says but his knowledge and passion spurred me on. I have learned a lot from reading his books.

What’s next? I will continue drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily. I might start incorporating a glass at night to see if drinking it later in the day will help me sleep better. I’ll continue yoga daily. I can’t sing its’ praises loud enough.


In a few days, I plan on starting the Medical Mediums 28 day cleanse. I think I’m going to start with a five day goal and then go from there. I’ve read several blogs from individuals who tried and or finished the 28 days. Smaller goals were the key. Five days at a time. We’ll see!

Thanks for walking with me through this! I hope that you are able to take something away from my 30 day cleanse.





  1. Julie,  I was going to give the celery juice a try.  I bought the celery.  I don’t have a juicer but thought a could use a blender,  that didn’t work out well.  It came out chunky and didn’t taste good even after I added lemon juice.  I guess I’ll invest in a juicer and give it another try 🙂

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    • Blenders don’t work. I tried to use my vitamix. It worked ok but there was still a lot to strain. You won’t be disappointed with that juicer. Mine is a Breville. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Let me know how it goes!!


  2. Is Celery Juice Good For You?
    You, open your Instagram and what you will see in most pictures? A trendy juice! Just search #celeryjuice on Instagram and you will see more than 40000 results of photos.  Celery juice, Is it even healthy? Is it really worth? We will figure it out in this article.


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