Celery Juice Update

Good morning! I’ve had a couple of inquiries regarding my celery juice drinkin’ so I thought I would update you guys because I truly think it’s helpful in so many ways.

Since the 30 day mark I think I’ve only missed four days. For the past 11 days something awesome has been taking place in my body. Is it related to the celery juice? I truly don’t know but drinkin’ it is the only thing that’s a constant and a new practice that I can put my finger on.


What is this awesomeness that I speak of? I’ve been dizzy free for 11 days! Today starts day 12. I took a short drive to the store and had lunch with some friends yesterday. It might have been a little much as I started to feel a little wonky when I arrived back at my neighborhood. The day before I drove to Dr. Kim’s, our veterinarian, to pick up my ‘ole girls ashes.


I haven’t driven more than to the gas station two minutes from my driveway in almost a year. After a severe attack in the boat last summer that forced me to the deck, Stuart and I agreed it was time to hang up my keys. Since that day I’ve experienced numerous unpredictable dizzy spells throughout the day. Prior to those types of spells in previous years, I always had some warning. I started feeling “funny” and could prepare. There has been no warning this past year.

I’m not so naive as to believe the dizziness has dissipated. I generally experience an influx of craziness when the seasons change. I’m actually looking forward to the fall weather and drastic barometric changes for the first time in years. The sporadic barometric pressure will either make me or break me.

In years past, I dealt with vertigo attacks that lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 days. I’ve dealt with the longer episodes off and on since my third brain surgery in 2016. Those spells are much more debilitating but at least I can feel this type of episode coming on. No crazy dizzy spells and no vertigo would be ideal, right? What’s that old sayin’? Beggars can’t be choosers. Heck, at this point I’ll take what I can get.

I’m completely antidepressant free. Honestly, I’m not sure this was the best decision. I’ll give it a month or two and make a decision accordingly. I feel empty inside, kinda cold. I have no energy. Completely different than when I was taking the antidepressant.

My yoga practice is still going strong! Just a little more animated these days!

I’m nursing a wrist tendon issue and having to do hands free yoga for the time being. Lots of lower body emphasis. HOLY CRAP – it’s kicking my butt.

I’ve not started the 28 day fruit and veggie cleanse yet. I plan on giving it a go in August. We’re still eating relatively clean with a few slip ups here and there. Only human, right?

I have a new furbuddy.


She’s keeping me plenty busy and makes me smile. Good golly Miss Dolly! If you are on instagram, follow her @good_golly_miss_dolly. She has gained over 500 followers in less than a week! Craziness. She’s so smart. I’ve had her almost a week and the amount of things she can do is truly amazing. I’m using the training techniques of Zak George. If you have a puppy, give him a look on YouTube.

Let me know if you tried or are drinking celery juice. I’d love to hear how or if it is working for you.

Dizzy-free for now!





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