Best Birthday Gift Ever!

I wasn’t thinking about getting another dog anytime soon. In fact, Stuart and I both had vowed we wouldn’t cave. It would be the first time in almost 16 years that we wouldn’t  have to rush home to take care of a pup or  get up at the butt crack of dawn to take a pup out. It would be the first time in almost 16 years we wouldn’t forgo traveling because our ole girl didn’t do well when we were away from her. It would be the first time in almost 16 years that we could sit down to dinner without a very insistent Yorkie making her presence known. The list of things that we weren’t going to have to experience was appealing, I’ll admit. However, the list of things that we would be missing was much more persuasive.

2d3638e1-c9a3-4470-b62a-b9bfc818c189  I was “granddog sitting” Casey’s dog the week after we had Nana put down. As the week drew to a close, I started to panic. Every since I was a little girl, I’d always had a dog, Nana being the most precious of them all, of course!

In a panicked state of mind, I started perusing Pinterest in search of a breed of dog conducive to my lifestyle. Heat tolerate, likes the water, enjoys being outside, likes going for walks, an excellent companion and so forth. For years I jokingly said that I have the legs of a Corgi and that if I were a dog, well … Corgi I’d be!

I’ve got short legs just like a Corgi.

I researched Papillons, Mini Pinschers and long haired Chihuahua’s. The breed that I kept going back to was the Corgi.

A couple of days before returning home from Colorado, Casey mentioned to me that I should get a Corgi. Unbenounced to Casey, my hairstylist Ashton and I had been talking about Auggies too. She had connections to a breeder and would get back to me that evening. There was no way to know that later that evening, I would’ve already found my new buddy.

After the conversation with Ashton and Casey reminding me that a Corgi was my ‘spirit animal,’ I started searching for Auggies on “The Facebook.” I came across two of the most precious Auggies for sale, the only problem was that they lived on a ranch in Oklahoma. I tagged Casey in the video of the sweetest sable colored Auggie.


Within minutes of viewing the video, Casey offered to take me to Oklahoma the following weekend to get the sable pup. I talked to Stuart, and although apprehensive he was on board.

While I was hammering out the details with the breeder, Casey called me back and asked where in Oklahoma the pup lived because she and Blake were in Amarillo. The  A3 Ranch was located in Ringling. Come to find out, Casey and Blake were “only” 45  minutes from the ranch. Plans changed quickly, Casey was now hammering out the details with Lauren and she and Blake would be going out of their way to pick up my pup.


They met the Lauren at 11:00 p.m. Friday night and arrived in my driveway at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Little did “we” know at the time, they were bringing me the most precious birthday gift a momma could ask for.


Of course, I fell in love immediately and Dolly and I have been inseparable since she arrived a week ago today.


She has stolen Stuart’s heart. I’ll admit I was a little worried. I wasn’t quite sure how he would react to her.


Since that day, I’ve communicated with Lauren daily. She misses her tiny sable pup but is convinced that Dolly and I were meant to be together. Think about the timing of events that had to fall into place. I would have to agree that Dolly was meant to be a part of our family. Lauren and I plan on keeping in touch. I needed that little puppy and she needed a friend as she was mourning the loss a close family member that Saturday. Pictures of Dolly lifted her spirits this past week. We’ve both gained a new friend and I look forward to sharing Dolly’s adventures with her.

Stuart and the kids truly made 46 one for the books! It’s truly crazy how things work out, is it not?





  1. Julie this lil Dolly was meant for you, after we talked I knew we needed to make the connections to get this lil girl! I knew when you told me of your loss that this puppy was the one. She has found a blessed life with you and I am so happy!! I feel I have gained a special friend as well♡ Happy Birthday Julie 💗 I feel blessed as well* Many blessing and lots more pics and memories to be made!! Sincerely Lauren. Have the best day ever*


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