It’s Been Awhile

It has been awhile, has it not? My hope is that my ramblings find you well mentally and physically with so much uncertainty in the world right now.

My little corner of the world is healthy and happy.

The Covid Quarantine hasn’t changed my routine that much at all, if any. The only difference is that Stuart has been working from home for almost two months. We say it is his “retirement trial run.” I think he likes it!

Over the past several weeks of being quarantined, I’ve come up with all sorts of ways to keep myself busy. When the Covid outbreak hit, I started sewing masks. Pretty sure I sewed over 1000. Thankfully, the demand has slowed drastically. I was sewing 14 hours a day for two weeks straight.

I bought a Ukulele on a whim. Not my favorite pastime. I’ve dabbled with the harmonica.  Now that I love! I used my new Dremel to carve my father in law a walking stick for his birthday. That was actually prior to the mandated quarantine.

My precious granny turned 95. We were only able to see her through a glass door. Heartbreaking for everyone. I’ve seen this scenario play out all over the country.

After a storm one afternoon, I went for a walk. I came across a baby squirrel in the middle of the road. He was clinging to a stick that had fallen out of the top of pine tree. That little sucker was soak and wet and barely breathing. He looked like a wet rat. I bent down to pick him up, trying to stay away from his business end. I’ve heard that squirrel bites pack a punch. Well, my friends, they do! When I  scooped that little tree rat up he had  enough life in him to turn around, squeak and bite the daylights out of my hand. I screamed. He screamed. Thankfully he let go. I laid him back down on the road, still very much concerned about him. I decided to give it another go, all the while wondering if I was going to have to get a rabies shot. Any who, I scooped him up using my cell phone, staying clear of those little razor teeth. That little squirrel turned around and bit the case on my cell phone and WOULD NOT LET GO! It was at this point I realized he had plenty of life in him and would be just fine on his own. I managed to pry him off my phone using a stick and tucked him in the woods. I watched for a second as he scurried off. I hope he made it.

Two weeks ago, I became a mockingbirds momma. My son and his fiancé found Oliver in their backyard after a storm. High winds knocked my little guys nest right out of his tree. One of the nestlings met its’ demise via the jaws of my son’s Blue Heeler. Corey called and asked me if I wanted to nurse it and try to keep it alive. Of course, I’m a sucker. He and Angela brought me the tiny little guy and here we are day 11. Oliver is healthy and happy. I’m anticipating a “soft release” late next week. This picture is from day 3.

I’m proud to say that I harvested my first two tomatoes and five, yes five banana peppers this week. I absolutely love my container garden.

Last week, I ventured into something that I never thought I would do. I started selling Maskcara make-up. This is a story in itself. The joy this business opportunity has brought me is indescribable. I’m nothing if not entertaining to say the least. More on that later.

Radiant Jewel – Maskcara Beauty By Julie


Health wise, I’ve been having frequent drop attacks related to my Meniers Disease. Super depressing but ya just gotta keep on keepin’ on right? On the bright side, my Chiari is in check! Thank the lord!

I’ve never stopped writing. I just stopped posting. I’m not really sure why? Again, I hope this post finds you all well.

Until next time! Keep it wonky ya’ll!






  1. Julie,

    This is Benita Castro. I do not know if you remember me, but I grew up with Stuart, when you and Stuart got married I was in Virginia with my husband Matt (in the Marine Corp). You post in the past about you doing yoga and how it helped you. Can you send me the link that you used to do the yoga? I appreciate your help.

    I always enjoy your stories, sorry about your health issues. I keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Benita Castro


    Liked by 1 person

    • Benita,
      So good to hear from you. I do remember ya’ll. Are you still in Virginia?

      Yoga With Adriene is what I watch on You Tube. I still do yoga. I’m just very careful regarding putting a lot of weight on my wrists. I wound up hurting the tendon in my left wrist and having to have a procedure to release it. I think it was from the “down dog” position. Just be mindful of those types of positions.

      You will love her! She is great! Super easy to follow! This link will get you to her channel. You can pick and chose from there.

      Thanks for reading! Thanks for the kind words. Good hearing from you! ❤️


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