My Reasons For Ramblin’

I’ve been a rambler all of my life. It’s been said that I can talk to a wall. My daddy used to say that I was vaccinated at birth with a phonograph needle. For you youngsters who don’t know what a phonograph needle is, it is the needle on the arm of a record player. In other words, I was inoculated at birth with a needle that produces noise. I guess that is an accurate anecdote because I’ve been making noise for as long as I can remember.


I retired from teaching full time in May of 2018. I’m plagued by relentless and unpredictable vertigo attacks. Pretty much makes being in a classroom full time impossible. Aside from my new norm, I’ve been rambling in a classroom for the past 14 years to a captive audience. Gotta love a captive audience.

Truth is I was urged by family and friends to start a blog. Some are saying I should write a book. Getting my feet wet blogging seems like the place to start. Although, I am notorious for jumping in feet first, canon ball style at most undertakings, I decided to test the waters this time.  

I pride myself on being a what you see is what you get kind of girl. You will see that in my ramblings. Often times I have no filter but I am working on that. I will never try to force my views political, religious or otherwise on my readers. My goal is that you do you and I’ll do me, as we strike up an ongoing relationship in which respect and acceptance are first and foremost.

I am flawed beyond belief and can own it. I make no apologies for who I am. I try to learn from my mistakes and I’m getting better at apologizing when an apology is due. I won’t shy away from mistakes I’ve made in my ramblings. Again, what you see is what you get.

Some of my ramblings will include testimonies of the workings of my Savior. I am a walking miracle and owe God the glory. Again, not forcing my beliefs but sharing who I strive to let be the author my life. Remember, I am a self proclaimed flawed gal so there are plenty of times I’ve screwed that up big time. Truth be none, I’ll continue to screw up. If I didn’t why would I need a savior. Thank God He loves me despite me.

I consider myself a pretty witty gal. My children might beg to differ. Throughout my ramblings you will find what I think is funny. As of late, I’m trying to find the humor in all things. I hope you get a good giggle when reading my ramblins’.

You will also read about heartbreak and lots of it. Some brokenness due to my own volition. Some of the hurt, the sole actions of others. It’s neither here nor there, the origin of the hurt. Hurting sucks anyway you look it.

Physical pain and mental desperation are common themes in my life that I will entertain but I won’t camp there too much. There are valuable lessons that I learned that I feel are worth noting, however.

Much reminiscing will take place. Strolling down memory lane is good for my soul. Seasons of life are kicking my butt and I find myself taking my mind on a visit to the past a little more than I used to.

I will often tell tales of my fishing adventures. I am an avid lady angler. I love salt and freshwater fishing. When I’m not wonky, I’m on the water either in a boat with my all time favorite fishing buddy, Stuart or flying solo in my kayak. Flounder and Redfish are my favorite saltwater fish to target. Freshwater favorites include crappie, bream and catfish. Just as writing is indoor therapy, fishing is my outdoor therapy. I’m even kicking around the idea of launching a YouTube channel targeting lady anglers called, Family Tradition. We’ll see. I am quite entertaining on the water.

I think what you will experience as you join me for this wonky ride are stories that you can relate to and maybe even learn from. Tears might be shed but that’s ok, my keyboard is tear soaked after some entries.

I am hopeful that you will anticipate each and stick with me for the ride down my rambling road. I am grateful that you’d consider jumping in and coming along for the ride.